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Dr. Bhaskar Datta


Research Interest: 

Work in Bhaskar Datta's research laboratory is spans the following two broad themes: (a) Recognition of biomolecular targets by small molecules, (b) Development of nanobiocatalysts for environmental applications. His research in these areas is placed in the context of developing diagnostic and therapeutic tools for clinically and environmentally relevant subjects.


Background and Experience:

  • Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar (Jan 2018 to present)

  • Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar (Dec 2011 to Jan 2018)

  • Assistant Professor, Missouri State University, Jun 2008 - Dec. 2011

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Jun 2004 - May 2008

  • PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Chemistry, 2004

  • MSc, IIT Kanpur, 1999

  • BSc, University of Delhi, 1997


Recent Publications:

  • Kumar S, Sharma P, Ratrey P and Datta B. Reusable Nano-biocatalysts for Efficient Extraction of Pigments from Orange Peel, Journal of Food Science & Technology, 53:3013-3019, 2016

  • Hadianawala M and Datta B. Design and Development of Sulfonylurea Derivatives as Zinc Metalloenzyme Modulators, RSC Advances, 6, 8923-8929, 2016.

  • Hadianawala M, Shaik A, Hasija N, Vasu AK and Datta B. Sodium Cyanate Mediated Synthesis of Sulfonylurea and Sulfonyltriuret from Sulfonyl Chloride and Amine, ChemistrySelect, 2016

  • Kumar S, Sharma P, and Datta B. Detection of Organophosphorus Herbicides, Application No. 201621013049, Indian Patent Office, 2016





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Lab Members: 

Nakshi Nayan Desai, PhD (2016 - )

Arjun Arya, PhD (2017 - )

Chinmayee Shukla, PhD (2017 - )

Rajeshkumar Hadiya (2018 - )

Shubham Sharma, PhD (2020 - )

Axita Patel, PhD (2021-)

Viraj Snehal Shah, JRF


Pallavi Chillka, PhD

Sanjay Kumar, PhD

Amarjyoti Das Mahapatra, PhD

Camellia Chakraborty, Research Assistant

Kaushik Bhowmik, JRF

Kuldeep Sharma, M.Tech. 

Dr. Piyali Majumdar, Postdoc

Shiny Pandit, M.Tech

Shubham Sharma

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