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The discipline of Biological Engineering at IIT Gandhinagar opened its doors in 2012 with a modest group of 1 faculty member and 2 Ph.D. students. We have since made great strides and currently host 8 core faculty members, a number of associated faculty from other disciplines, a diverse group of Ph.D. and M. Tech students and several talented postdoctoral researchers.

Research interests of our faculty span a number of cutting edge topics such as fundamentals of cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, cancer biology, neurobiology, DNA nanotechnology, biomedical imaging, computational biology and structural biology. We recognize that modern-day biology research requires a multi-pronged approach, and we therefore incorporate tools and techniques that allow us to work from the level of single-molecules to whole organisms. Our research groups also work closely with each other so that our complementary expertise can be leveraged to better answer questions in the frontier areas of biological sciences and engineering.
We currently offer a Ph.D. program in all areas of faculty expertise. Our doctoral students and post-docs are the mainstay of our research activities and are active participants in all discipline and institute level activities. The diversity in their academic training and backgrounds adds a unique character and strength to our discipline. We also offer an M.Tech. program in Biological Engineering. Our faculty members also participate in teaching a number of courses at the undergraduate level.

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Upcoming Seminars/Workshops

Prof Radhika Venkatesan.png

Prof Radhika Venkatesan will deliver a talk, as part of the Biological Engineering Seminar Series, on 'Chemistry and Ecology of Plant Interactions' on Wednesday 22nd December, 2021 from 4:00 to 5:00 PM IST.

We are also associated with:
Center for Biomedical Research, IITGN and
Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences, IITGN

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