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1st BioE Disciplinary Advisory Conclave

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

1st BioE Disciplinary Advisory Conclave (DAC) held on 5th Jan, 2019 in the presence of Prof. L.S. Shashidhara (IISER Pune) is the Chairman of the BE discipline Advisory Board. Other members of the board are Prof. Chandrima Shaha (NII), Prof. Aditya Murthy (IISc), Prof. Mitali Mukerji (IGIB), Prof. Sandhya Visweshwariah (IISc), Prof. Rinti Banerjee (IITB), Prof. Pradip Sinha (IITK), Dr. Narendra Chirmule (Biocon) and Dr. Srinivasa Babu (GE Healthcare).

Other guests include Dr Sridevi Khambhampaty (Vice President, Product Development, Intas Pharmaceuticals), Dr Lakshmikanth Gandikota (Vice President, Innovation Science and Technology, Intas Pharmaceuticals), Dr. Madhvi Joshi [Jt-director, GBRC (Gujarat Biotech Research Centre)], Prof. C.G. Joshi (Director, GBRC), Dr. Anand Bhadalkar (Jt-Director, GSBTM (Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission); Director, Savli Technology and Business Incubator).

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